[FHT 40-2CT]

[FHT 40-2CT]

  1. Tinned copper bus wires (16AWG x 2)
  2. Semi-conductive heating matrix (polymer)
  3. First adhesive inner jacket (option)
  4. Second polyolefin jacket
  5. Tinned copper braid metallic shield
  6. Fluoropolymer outer jacket

FHT conductive carbon polymer is used as the main ingredient, PTC is utilizing self-regulating heating cable.
FHT consists of infinite parallel circuit resistance changes by itself according to the ambient temperature
automatic heat output is adjustable.
FHT to maintain the temperature of the chemical piping, piping and other plant and shipping is easy to install.
The FHT can greatly reduce the loss of the industry, as well as cross-linked through heat treatment and once
during construction of permanent can be used.

Special Feature

  • Safety: Self-control systems do not have to worry about overheating, there is no wave occurs.
  • Maintain a constant temperature: ambient temperature sensing themselves automatically adjusts the heat output of the cable.
  • Electric energy saving: the temperature rises, the heat output is a system for automatic reduction itself.
  • Durability: Heat and corrosion no way cross-over is semi-permanent life.
  • Workability: cutting at random from an infinite parallel circuit construction site because it is possible.
Start up

temperature (℃)



The maximum


10℃ 16A 106
20A 118
30A 126
0℃ 16A 102
20A 109
30A 118
-10℃ 16A 96
20A 111
30A 112
-20℃ 16A 88
20A 97
30A 106
Model No. FHT 40-2CT
Service woltage 220~240VAC
Bus wire 16AWG
Max. exposure temperature 100℃
Max. maintenaned temperature 85℃
Max circult length (at 10℃) 80M
Product size (W)13mm x (H)6.8mm
Nominal power output (at 10℃) 40W/M (at 0℃)
Certificate certi02
File No: 0271836

File No: E319065

Related Standard IEC

1423-1,IEC 1423-2

File No: 0442223